Selling on DriveThruComics

Selling your comics on DriveThruComics brings you lots of exposure, leaves control of your titles and their prices in your hands, and involves just a little work on your part (aside from creating your title in the first place!)

More Exposure

DriveThruComics is part of the family of marketplaces including DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, DriveThruFiction and more operated by OneBookShelf. Since 2001, we reach hundreds of thousands of fans each month, and send millions of dollars in royalties to our publisher clients every year. Whether you are an existing publisher with hundreds of titles or an independent creator preparing to sell your first title, we are delighted that you are considering a partnership with us to sell your creative output.

More Control

As a Publishing Partner with OneBookShelf, you choose what titles you wish to list on our site, what the price of those titles will be, when they go live for sale, if you want your titles included in site-wide sales promotions, and how your titles are presented on our site. You can also choose to have your titles available as Print-on-Demand titles or not.

More Profit Margin

With each digital sale, you receive either 70% or 65% of what your customer pays, depending on whether you are an exclusive partner with OneBookShelf or non-exclusive, respectively.

Similarly, on print sales, you receive 70% or 65% of the price paid, less the print cost of the book (or cards) that we print to fulfill the customer order. For example, your rulebook might be $20. If it costs $5 to print the book, you’d receive $20 − $5 = $15 x 70% = $10.50 per sale.

Less Work

Once you upload your titles and activate them for sale, we take care of the rest. We maintain the web storefront, add security watermarking to your titles (if you choose), maintain all sales records in real time, handle customer service, and make your royalties available to you at any time, via PayPal or by monthly check.