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Customer Newsletter for 10/18/2017

The First Download Comic Shop

Huge Bundle Deals for Halloween!

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Greetings Comic Fans,

The massive Halloween Sale has begun! Over 900 horror and dark fantasy comics are 31% Off until Halloween! This sale includes comics from Caliber Comics, 2000 AD, Aspen Comics, Markosia Enterprises, Valiant Comics, Top Cow, and more!

Not only that, but we have three huge Halloween Bundle Deals with up to 70% Off!

Zombie Comics 2017 [BUNDLE] - If you're a zombie aficianado, then this is the bundle for you! Inside, find a mix of graphic novels and anthologies featuring the walking, shambling, and otherwise perambulating dead, with offerings from Caliber Comics, McFarland, Rebellion Publishing, and more.

Vampire Comics 2017 [BUNDLE] - Get your crucifixes and garlic cloves ready! In this bundle collection, get six titles centered around the bloodsucking nightcrawlers we all know and love (to hate), including AAM Markosia's Bloodfellas, Top Cow's Impaler series, Moonstone's Vampire, PA, and more.

Monster Comics 2017 [BUNDLE] - If zombies, ghouls, and bloodsuckers don't get you spooked, then maybe you'll be interested in this bundle, with bestselling titles such as Aspen's Soulfire: Shadow Magic, Valiant's Death-Defying Doctor Mirage,Monarch's Witch Hunter, and more.

Free Comic of the Week!

Free weekly productCROSSING #1 Preview
by Red Stylo Media

An annoying goth princess haunts the rookie train conductor who ran her over.

Paranormal couples counseling, anyone?

Thanks for checking out this preview for our new series!

The comic will be 24 story pages, full color. Despite some pretty mature, heavy-hitting themes (crime, suicide, railroad safety) the series is a comedy about two people who wouldn't like each other under normal circumstances--much less paranormal--but have to find a way to work together if they ever want to be free of each other.

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Comic Spotlight!

War MotherWar Mother #3

Into the badlands…

As the only force standing between her tribe and total extinction, War Mother must protect every man, woman, and child…no matter the cost…as she braves the long journey across the mutant-infested jungles and irradiated steppes once known as South America. But when this sworn guardian discovers that the new homeland she seeks might not be the haven it was promised to be, she’ll have to save her people from the one thing she never could have anticipated: themselves!

Join New York Times best-selling writer Fred Van Lente (ARCHER & ARMSTRONG) and explosive artist Stephen Segovia (NINJAK) as they send War Mother on her darkest mission yet...and bring her first high-powered solo series to a brutal breaking point!


Featured Comics!

Featured Title

Genius: Cartel #2
by Top Cow


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Featured Title

Punchline #2
by Lone Star Press


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Featured Title

Damage Inc. #3
by Scattered Comics

$5.00 $3.00

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Pick of the Week!

Pick of the WeekThe Tomb of Baalberith
by Banana Tale Books

Don't Call It an Anthology... What is a Baalberith?

He's a demon who starts off in the book in suspended animation awaiting sustenence to bring him back to life. His demon jester sidekick releases 3 monstrosities on humanity to collect body parts to feed Baalberith and bring him back to the head of the Table of Demons!

Michael Oppenheimer, Victor Castro Jr, Sam Eggleston(along with Jay DeFoy) and myself have written and produced four 12 page horror stories for this 48 page connected storybook that introduces some of the most vile horror creations that I've ever had the (un)fortunate displeasure to make acquaintances with.

I came up with the idea originally as a homage to the old EC comics titles, Vault of Horror and Tales from the Crypt and Baalberith has now developed some of its own unique roots stemming from those beloved horror ideas.

$5.99 $3.99

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