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Customer Newsletter for 03/28/2018

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Warframe, 2000 AD, and more!

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Free Comic of the Week!

Free weekly productSouverain: The Kid
by Pilot Studios

Meet the woman who works with the U.S. Army by day and strikes out at night on her own as the vigilante SOUVERAIN!

In this short story:

Souverain is based in Baghdad in 2009, dealing with a young Iraqi teen with a serious case of hero worship - and a new wave of suicide bombers!

This prose short story originally appeared in "Souverain" #1 from Earthbound Comics.

Souverain Created by Ben Ferrari

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Comic Spotlight: Warframe!

WarframeWarframe #1

The critically acclaimed free-to-play cooperative shooter comes to comics!

In the far future, humanity's descendants scramble to survive in a galaxy rife with conflict, scavenging for ancient technology and long-forgotten secrets.

Only the Tenno, powerful warriors, battle to preserve peace and keep the technological masterpieces of the long-dead Orokin out of the wrong hands.

Now, a faction of enhanced Grineer soldiers, under the tactician Captain Vor, scour the Earth for a hidden artifact, and only a lone Tenno and a blinded girl can stop them… 


Featured Comics!

Featured Title

2000 AD: Prog 1999
by Rebellion Publishing Ltd

$3.99 $2.99

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Featured Title

Shrugged V3#2
by Aspen Comics


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Featured Title

Shadows of Oblivion #1
by Shadows of Oblivion


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Pick of the Week!

Pick of the WeekGolgotha
by Top Cow

In the near future, a group of scientists and military operatives are sent on an interplanetary mission to develop Earth's first off-world colony.

While the crew of the Golgotha hibernates for travel, technology on Earth continues to advance, and when they land on the planet, the crew finds it already another team from Earth that arrived years before they have.

Now the crew of the Golgotha find themselves relics of their own time, unwanted by the colony that's been expecting them for a generation...and this planet holds its own secrets—secrets that could change the nature of mankind itself.

Intended for readers 15+

$16.99 $10.99

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