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Customer Newsletter for 06/20/2018

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Shadowman, Transformers, Cyberforce and more!

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Greetings Comics Fans,

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Now, read on for new comics from Devil's Due, Top Cow Productions, Mike Hoffman, and more!

Free Comic of the Week

Free weekly productFCBD 2018: Worlds of Aspen
by Aspen Comics

World's of Aspen features TWO all new Aspen titles!

DISSENSION: WAR ETERNAL: Aspen creator Jordan Gunderson debuts his long-awaited first creator-owned series, Dissension, this summer, as the Gods have declared war on each other!

Long ago, mankind suffered under the hand of a vengeful group of fallen angels. Now, a young woman, possessing a power that had lain dormant in the descendants of the first peoples of Earth, must rise to stop their return—along with the war they seek to unleash on the world!

NUWAY: Written by veteran Aspen scribe J.T. Krul (Michael Turner’s Fathom and Soulfire) with art by Alex Konat (Fathom, Mindfield) and John Starr (Fathom, Soulfire).

Set in 2051, where technology has infected every aspect of human life, and the last frontier may be our very souls as people sacrifice their flesh and blood for a chance at a better life.

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Comic Spotlight: Shadowman

ShadowmanShadowman (2018) #4


For years, Jack Boniface believed that he knew the true story of the Shadowman loa – the true story of the curse inside him. He was wrong.

For the first time, Jack Boniface is about to discover the long-hidden history of the supernatural power that became his birthright… Unmoored in time and space, the loa is about to reveal its untold dimensions…and now, the last defender of the wall between our realm and the Deadside is falling backwards through the astral void, finding himself face to face with his forebears across the centuries – from the paranoia-addled alleyways of 1940s New York to the fire-scorched plantations of the Civil War…all the way back to the primeval height of the African savannah in 40,000 B.C.!

In the shock-inducing aftermath of “FEAR OF THE DARK,” master storyteller Andy Diggle (Green Arrow: Year One) leads a rotating cast of superstar artists – including Shawn Martinbrough (Thief of Thieves), Doug Braithwaite (Justice), and Renato Guedes (Wolverine) – to reveal the full scope and power of the Shadowman mythos…and how three of its forgotten champions stoked its earliest embers…with a legend-fueled odyssey into eons past as “DEAD AND GONE” tells all!


Featured Comics!

Featured Title

Cyberforce Rebirth Volume 3: Artifacts
by Top Cow

$16.99 $12.99

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Featured Title

Mercy Sparx: Year One #3
by Devil's Due Entertainment


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Featured Title

TOMB of Terror #16
by Mike Hoffman Presents


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Pick of the Week!

Pick of the WeekTransformers: Robots in Disguise Volume 2
by IDW Publishing

OPTIMUS PRIME has given up his title and is now Orion Pax, and he is on the trail of the deadliest DECEPTICON of all…SHOCKWAVE. The Decepticon Justice Division gets a turn as well, hunting those who disobeyed MEGATRON.

And the DINOBOTS are back, headed by Ironhide into the Cybertronian wilderness searching for lost AUTOBOTS…but what they find might be the greatest danger of all!

Originally published as THE TRANSFORMERS: ROBOTS IN DISGUISE Issues #6–9.

Intended for readers 12+

© 2012 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

Note: Due to territory restrictions, this title is only available in certain countries.


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