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Customer Newsletter for 01/23/2019

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X-O Manowar, Host God, Plasma Hero, and more!

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Greetings Comics Fans,

Creator Interviews V1The Creator Interviews series from 2000 AD is available now! Exclusive interviews and career overviews of key comics creators taken from the pages of the Judge Dredd Megazine.

  • Volume One - Pat Mills, Carlos Ezquerra, Ron Smith and Mick McMahon.
  • Volume Two - includes Alex Garland, Jim McCarthy, Jock, Greg STaples, Chris Weston, Will Simpson, Karl Urban and Arthur Wyatt.
  • Volume Three - Dave Gibbons, Simon Fraser, Kevin O'Neill, Jesus Redondo, David Roach, John Hicklenton, John Cooper and Dave Taylor.
  • Volume Four - Alan Moore, Brett Ewins, Liam McCormick-Sharp, John Higgins, Colin Wilson, Dylan Teague and Peter Doherty.
  • Volume Five - Frazer Irving, Dom Reardon, Simon Davis, Gordon Rennie, TC Eglington, Simon Spurrier, Richard Elson and Neil Googe.

Read on for new arrivals from Aspen Comics, Markosia Enterprises, Fair Sparks Books, Valiant Comics, and more!

Free Comic of the Week!

Free weekly productRest #0
by Top Cow

Rest tells the story of John Barrett, a man in his late 20’s, whose life is going nowhere. He is stuck in a dead-end job with no friends and no future.

When his best friend from college mysteriously resurfaces with news of a new wonder drug that replaces sleep, John falls into a conspiracy that threatens to change the course of human history.

Written by Mark Powers (GI Joe) with art by Shawn McManus (Sandman).

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Comic Spotlight: Dellec

Dellec #4Dellec V2 #4

Aspen's hardest hitting series, DELLEC returns for its long-awaited second volume!

The Hands of God continues to rampage through Earth in this penultimate issue, leaving Dellec with little chance to save humanity, let alone his own life! Meanwhile, Andy is confronted with the reality of her father's past, as her own personal battle puts her face-to-face with Heaven's own fallen angels-looking for brutal vengeance! 

From the minds of creators Frank Mastromauro (Shrugged, Awaken Skies) and Vince Hernandez (Michael Turner's Fathom: Kiani, Charismagic), along with art by Andre Risso, Michael Ste Maria and John Starr, this newest volume of DELLEC is gonna redefine your definition of the human spirit!


Featured Comics!

Featured Title

Host God #1
by AAM Markosia


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Featured Title

Megatomic Battle Rabbit #2
by Fair Spark Books


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Featured Title

Plasma Hero

$6.00 $3.00

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Pick of the Week!

Pick of the WeekX-O Manowar (2018) Volume 6: Agent
by Valiant Comics

The Agents of G.A.T.E. vs. the Brothers of the Bomb!

Beyond time, space, and reality, there lies the Unknown…and now it’s coming here! When soldiers from a mysterious foreign realm arrive on Earth, it’s up to the armored Visigoth known as X-O Manowar – newly returned to the planet and now the leader of his own elite G.A.T.E. unit – to deal with the intrusion. But are these otherworldly emissaries truly the threat they appear to be, or does a larger danger loom over the Valiant Universe still?

Worlds collide as Eisner Award-nominated writer Matt Kindt (ETERNITY, Grass Kings) and incendiary artist Juan José Ryp (BRITANNIA) bring a new plane of existence crashing down upon our own in a brand-new jumping-on point for 2017’s best-selling series!

Collects X-O MANOWAR (2017) #19–22.


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