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Customer Newsletter for 04/24/2019

The First Download Comic Shop

Punk Mambo, Cobra Civil War, and more!

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Greetings Comic Fans,

Are you ready for Endgame? Be sure to check out McFarland's Assembling the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel Comics into Film: Essays on Adaptations Since the 1940s for some interesting history and trivia before the movie!

Looking for other comic universes to explore instead? Check out the DriveThruComics Sale Guide for some awesome discounts from Top Cow, Caliber Comics, and more all week long!

Free Comic of the Week!

Free weekly productRetropunk #1
by AAM Markosia

Beneath the warm neon and cold steel of Pacific City, a pair of low-rent bounty hunters have been approached with a simple deal: Help a girl run away, and get a small fortune in return.

However, simple becomes complicated when the girl in question is the number one idol of the number one record company in the world. A company willing to use any means necessary to retrieve it’s property.

They say that curiosity killed the cat, but in this case, it may be greed...

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Comic Spotlight: G.I. Joe

Cobra Civil WarG.I. Joe: Cobra Civil War #0


The Commander is dead! Long live… Cobra Commander?!

But the questions is, who will BE the NEXT Cobra Commander?! The role of Commander must be filled—now the most lethal and cunning Cobra operatives will COMPETE TO REIGN SUPREME. The winner—he who kills the most G.I. JOES—will take the reins of COBRA! Bonus: Ninja Force!!!!! Yeah, baby! 30 big pages of story at regular price! This is the place to jump on board and see what everyone's been talking about!


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Featured Comics!

Featured Title

Vindication #1
by Top Cow

$3.99 $1.99

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Featured Title

E6: Buckle Up
by AAM Markosia

$27.99 $4.99

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Featured Title

Weed Magic No.3
by Bliss on Tap


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Pick of the Week!

Pick of the WeekPunk Mambo #1
by Valiant Comics

New characters, new digs, same Punk attitude!

From writer Cullen Bunn (Venom) and artist Adam Gorham (New Mutants: Dead Souls) comes this hilariously horrifying tale.

Punk Mambo is a hard-living voodoo priestess who grew up in London, then relocated to Louisiana’s Bayou Country.

Now, she’s a mystical mercenary for hire.In her first-ever solo series, Punk Mambo investigates a series of abductions in the New Orleans gutter punk scene, stumbling upon a deadlier mystery that takes her to the haunted shores of Haiti.


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