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Customer Newsletter for 04/22/2020

The First Download Comic Shop

Calling All Heroes! Comic Bundles and Charity Donations!

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Greetings Comic Fans,

Calling All Heroes! Snag Digital Comic Bundles and Support Charities from the comfort of home! We have six awesome comic bundles featuring Judge Dredd, Witchblade, Bloodshot, Deadlands, StarPower, and more with each bundle also raising funds for a charity! Check out the Calling All Heroes Bundle Collection today!

  • Top Cow is offering an amazing deal featuring Witchblade, Cyberforce, Think Tank and more in support of Hero Initiative!
  • Aspen Comics is offering an exciting bundle of Soulfire, Charismagic, Mindfield and more to support Feeding America!
  • Judge Dredd and 2000 AD want your support in helping raise funds for Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)!
  • The Valiant Comics bundle features Bloodshot, Ninjak, Faith, and more teaming up for Extra Life!
  • Webcomic collected editions including StarPower, Evil Inc, Serenity Rose, Dr. Blink, and more are raising funds for the Random Acts organization!
  • The RPG Comics bundle features comics based on Deadlands, Artesia, Dystopia Rising, and more while helping support the RCRF!

Free Comic of the Week!

Free weekly productRainbow in the Dark #1
by Comfort Love and Adam Withers


Every day of Donna s life has been exactly like the one before.

Normalcy is her prison, but no matter how badly she wants to escape she has no idea how. Everything changes the day a band of bohemian rebels explode from nowhere, blasting through the city streets with rainbow cannons and fire-spewing muscle cars. As she becomes swept up in their struggle, the one thing that has always eluded her finally enters her life - change.

All she has to do is survive their escape from the very real monsters trying to drag them all back into the gloom.

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Comic Spotlight: Soulfire

Soulfire V4Soulfire Volume 4

Michael Turner's epic fantasy adventure surges forward into a new era!

The Bearer of the Light, Malikai, is back--alive and well with his closest friends. The balance of magic has been restored to the world, but there are still signs of a coming chaos - one greater than anything ever seen before. The Master and his greatest teacher, Grace, has fought for the light and all that encompasses it her entire life, but when the darkness takes a hold of her in the process-- the entire SOULFIRE universe will fall into jeopardy as Dark Grace emerges!

From veteran SOULFIRE scribe J.T. Krul, and featuring the Aspen debut of ultra-exciting artist Michael DeBalfo along with fan favorite colorist Nei Ruffino, this is the SOULFIRE tale three volumes in the making!

Collects Volume 4 #1-8.


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Featured Comics!

Featured Title

Wrath of God (graphic novel)
by Caliber Comics

$16.99 $6.99

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Featured Title

Skeleton Crew #1
by Tangent Artists


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Featured Title

Chronicles of Van Helsing Chapter 1
by Darkslinger Comics

$3.00 $0.99

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Pick of the Week!

Pick of the WeekDeadly Harvest
by Arcana Comics

Core mining, the deadliest job in the galaxy, draws only the bravest, or craziest, workers around.

Bumping up to asteroids, typically propelling at astronomical speeds towards distant stars, the miners harvest minerals essential to interstellar travel and commerce. Close quarters, dangerous conditions, and less than a half inch of polymer sheath stand between them and swift oblivion. When the Harvest Moon stumbles upon a goldmine dangerously close to a star, the last thing they expect to find is an ancient alien race preparing to hatch an infestation throughout the system.

Armed with mining tools and sour attitudes, Captain Cyrus Layne and his crew must survive the horrors of space and an unfamiliar enemy to escape with their lives.

It's Deadliest Catch meets Armageddon and Aliens in a dystopian future.

$4.99 $2.99

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