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Customer Newsletter for 06/10/2020

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BLM Bundles, The Source, R.E.M. and more!

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Greetings Comic Fans,

At DriveThruComics, we believe Black Lives Matter. We've created a Black Lives Matter spotlight page over at DriveThruRPG with a number of bundles of titles raising funds for NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the National Police Accountability Project, and more! As well as featuring titles by Black game designers and other creatives!

Looking to donate directly to some causes? Check out the Tiltify Initiatives page today!

Drop by the DriveThruComics New Release List for hundreds of new comics from Scout Comics, Outland Entertainment, Sourcepoint Press, Caliber Comics, Mad Cave Studios, Markosia Enterprises, and more!

Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productLegendlore Manuscript Preview
by Onyx Path Publishing

Grab your friends and escape to another world!

You've found an enchanted portal — a transition point — between worlds. The portal, called a Crossing, takes you to a world you thought only existed in novels and films: a magical land where dragons roam the skies, orcs and hobgoblins terrorize weary travelers, and unicorns prance through the forest. It is a world where humans join other peoples such as elves, trolls, dwarves, changelings, and the dreaded creatures who steal the night. It is a world of fantasy — of imagination.

It is the Realm.

It is Legendlore.

Drawn from The Realm and Legendlore comics, the Legendlore RPG will whisk characters from our world to a magical fantasy realm filled with dragons, orcs, unicorns, and hobgoblins. With over 60 comics published covering three volume runs, The Realm and Legendlore combined became one of Caliber Comics' most critically acclaimed series.

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Comic Spotlight: R.E.M.


R.E.M. is a 175 page Original Graphic Novel in striking black and white about Michael Letto, a brilliant but paranoid neuroscientist.

Since his first and only love died, he’s lived behind a series of locks, consumed with solving the mystery of sleep. Based on the principles of yoga, Michael invents a chair that enables one to attain a full night’s sleep in a matter of minutes.

When his theories catch the attention of the military and a religious order that wants to use his research to attain enlightenment, a dangerous cat and mouse begins as Michael’s world deteriorates.


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Featured Comics!

Featured Title

Witchblade (2017) Volume 3
by Top Cow

$16.99 $15.99

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Featured Title

Achilles Inc vol 1
by Source Point Press

$19.99 $8.99

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Featured Title

Dry #2
by AAM Markosia


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Pick of the Week!

Pick of the WeekThe Source TPB #1
by Scout Comics and Entertainment

The Source is the story of Bennett Miller, a high school teacher in East St Louis who still lives with his grandmother.

One day Bennett is approached after his class by a mysterious old woman, Ms. Putnam, who tells him that magic is real... and he's the one prophesied to return it to humanity.

The only problem...

it's been outlawed for thousands of years by the ancient Few, a powerful sect who hoard it to prolong their own lives...

and will stop at nothing to keep it secret.

Based on true history, real legends, and actual folklore and myths.

Co-written by History Channel's Knightfall writer Don Handfield and Joshua Malkin and Illustrated by Leno Carvalho.


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