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Customer Newsletter for 11/11/2020

The First Download Comic Shop

Heathen, Judge Fear, Morning Star, and more!

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Greetings Comic Fans,

If you are planning on ordering some print comics for a gift, or even just to read yourself, be sure to order soon! With the pandemic showdowns, staff shortages, and holiday shipping delays, it can take extra time for print-on-demand comics, RPGs and other books to arrive!

Drop by the DriveThruComics Sale Guide for deals on the Beck & Caul mini-series from Caliber Comics, Rapture from Valiant Comics, and more!

Free Comic of the Week!

Free weekly productHeathen #1
by Vault Comics

Aydis is a viking, a warrior, an outcast, and a self-proclaimed heathen.

Aydis is friend to the talking horse Saga, rescuer of the immortal Valkyrie Brynhild, and battler of demons and fantastic monsters.

Aydis is a woman.

Born into a time of warfare, suffering, and subjugation of women, she is on a mission to end the oppressive reign of the god-king Odin.

Intended for readers 17+

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Fiction Spotlight: Judge Fear's Big Day Out

Judge Fear's Big Day OutJudge Fear's Big Day Out


A shopping mall where droids sell organs harvested from street trash...

A murderous imaginary friend...

A psychotic composer drafting music from pain...

All in a day’s work for the Lawman of the Future.

Edited by and with an introduction by Dredd veteran Michael Carroll, Judge Fear’s Big Day Out and Other Stories gathers the very best short stories from more than a decade of the Judge Dredd Megazine, including stories by legends Alan Grant, Gordon Rennie and Simon Spurrier, among countless others…


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Featured Comics!

Featured Title

Terminal Punks #1
by Mad Cave Studios


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Featured Title

Aspen Seasons: Omnibus
by Aspen Comics


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Featured Title

Rai (2019) #9
by Valiant Comics


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Pick of the Week!

Pick of the WeekMorning Star (graphic novel)
by Caliber Comics

MORNING STAR is a unique agency financed by the Vatican to protect the human world and hunt supernatural creatures that use their paranormal powers for evil purposes.

It is an organization base around the world that has existed from centuries, ever since the last of the Knights Templar disappeared. But over the years things have changed, the individuals within the Church funding the group have become less devoted to religion, and increasing skeptical to the cause of killing paranormal evil creatures.

Which can have dire circumstances for the world. 

Collects the first volume of the Morning Star series issues #1-3.

"This series is intriguing and scary and certainly worth picking up—especially if you’re a horror fan." -

$19.99 $7.99

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