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Customer Newsletter for 03/24/2021

The First Download Comic Shop

Scarlet’s Field Guide, Deep Roots, and more!

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Greetings Comic Fans,

Follow Valiant Comics' conspiracy-busting adventurers Archer & Armstrong and save 30% on the collected trades over at the DriveThruComics Sale Guide!

Note sure what to check out next on your reading list? Check out some of the DriveThruComics Staff Favorites including Judge Dredd, September Mourning, Weregeek, and more!

Free Comic of the Week!

Free weekly productShrugged V1 Beginnings
by Aspen Comics

From the same creative mind that brought you Fathom and Soulfire, comes the next wondrous step in comic book entertainment!

For every right, there is a wrong. For every action, there is a reaction. For every up, there is a down. And for every decision Theo makes, there is someone making the decisions for him— and ALL of us!!

Welcome to Perspecta, and the reason behind your wildest thoughts and darkest desires. If you thought you knew anything about our world, think again!! It's about to be turned upside down, and that little voice inside your head is about to get MUCH louder!

Join artists Micah Gunnell, Jason Gorder, Beth Sotelo and creator Michael Turner as this all new introductory story (with added bonus sketch material and designs!) opens your eyes to a whole new beginning! Aspen proudly presents THE next great comic book franchise, SHRUGGED!! Don't say we didn't warn you!!

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Comic Spotlight: Deep Roots

Deep RootsDeep Roots

Roots, once suffocating under cement, tear through the streets of London to throttle buildings. Vegetable homunculi hold up banks with automatic weapons. There is a green and blooming world beyond our own, fighting back against the human pollutant.

We will launch a rescue mission to this Otherworld.

But it is cruel and unknowable, and should we become tangled in its vines, more than cities will fall. A story of two worlds, of myth and man, of science and fiction, and the roots they share.

Collects Deep Roots #1-5.


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Featured Comics!

Featured Title

Provenance of Madness TPB #1
by Scout Comics and Entertainment


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Featured Title

by Oniric Comics


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Featured Title

The Last Magician #1
by AAM Markosia


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Pick of the Week!

Pick of the WeekScarlet's Field Guide to Cryptids & Other Creatures
by Savage Mind Comic Studio

Scarlet’s Field Guide to Cryptids & Other Creatures is a collection of short stories in field journal format from Scarlet's point of view as she travels around the world encountering and tracking cryptids and discovering other creatures for the first time.

Scarlet is on a mission to track her archenemy, the werewolves, while she continues to search for answers in her mother's death.

The book collects stories and eyewitness accounts of 30 cryptids and creatures and artwork from eighteen artists including Scarlet Huntress creator Sean Forney.

This 80-page book is part of the Scarlet Huntress series of comic books from creators Stephanie and Sean Forney.

$7.99 $5.99

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