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Omega Experiment
by Jason T. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 09/13/2009 16:31:17

The Omega Experiment #1 from Emeraldstar Comics starts with a bang. Writer E.R. Mixon uses few words to describe the laid back efforts of the police as they protect a mob informant, but when a teenage boy shows up, mumbling that he must kill the informant and anyone who gets in his way all hell breaks loose as the boy makes good on his mumblings. These scenes are starkly and literally painted by artists T.A. Harmonson and R.H. Stewart using chaotic, bold, and hard lines and using colors in large monochromatic swaths. The pages are unconventionally composed with odd shaped panels and juxtapositions that are disorientating at times, but always interesting.

We learn that this mysterious and unstoppable assassin of a boy doesn’t remember anything about his homicidal excursions, although these blackouts have happened before. When he gets caught trying to shop lift a video game and later escapes the police he realizes he had cut his arm and it has mysteriously healed. Before the source of his both his healing and his black outs is revealed, the boy is given another “assignment.”

It’s when Mixon gets wordy and explains everything through on-the-nose exposition that things deteriorate. These scenes are less compelling and composed somewhat haphazardly. I cannot help but feel disappointed and uninterested when comics are rife with errors and The Omega Experiment is just that. The word “where” is mistakenly used in place of “were” and “to” is substituted for “too” throughout. These errors prevent the story from reaching its potential as they are extremely frustrating and distracting to read.

The Omega Experiment has enough going for it that it could grow into something I’d be interested in reading on a regular basis. The art work is dramatic and sets the tone and the story works when Mixon uses a less-is-more approach. If future issues are cleaned up and whittled down, all things a good editor can provide, then this series could get some attention.

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Omega Experiment
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