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by Adam L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/03/2012 22:02:34

I know it is in bad form to criticize something that you get for free, but I like to think of this more as a critique that could help the designer's later projects (or possibly a future revised version).

First, allow me to get to the good points. It has some cool ideas and I have always wanted to see a system where humans and toons could interact. This product delivers some interesting ideas along those lines, even if the rules are... I'll save that for later. Secondly, while the game is titled "YiffPUNK" it is by no means a porn game. The most explicit it gets is featuring packaged birth control in a couple of illustrations. However, this also means the title is mostly non-indicative. Finally, the game does deliver on its promise of providing more fluff than rules.

However, this product is far from perfect. I only gave it 3 stars because it was free.

Let's begin with the rules. To say that the system is barely there would be somewhat inaccurate. The rules are actually quite incomplete. There are no examples of what would suit various difficulties to task rolls. The skill system tells you nothing of how your skills work. Combat skills can increase your accuracy or your damage, but by how much is never indicated. Speaking of combat, there is literally no way given to determine the order of actions between characters. No examples are given for what skills are acceptable (how much can first aid heal?) It says you can heal a little bit after being knocked out, but it never says how much. Also, the game may be organized, but it can become very hard to tell when you come out of one area and into another because of formatting issues. In fact, this tends to lead to the game feeling more like a collection of notes than an actual manual. And finally, the editing... I'm not a grammar Nazi, but I think there is some serious need for the writer to get a pair of eyes other than his own to look it over for spelling and grammar mistakes.

The setting is also sparse, but this is deliberate to allow for "wiggle room" in creating the kind of game the group most desires. The monster information is also rather sparse, although the writer does seem nice enough to try and make the monsters that are present a bit different. Urbane werewolves and loser vampires are a nice turn against their usual World Of Darkness depictions.

Overall, this game has some fun ideas, and that's why you should pick this up. The rules need help from the playing group in order to complete them, which is a shame since this means it wouldn't appeal to my play group (which loves "rules light" gaming).

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