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Cy-Boar #1: The Escape
by Paul P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/09/2015 07:35:43

Remember how much fun you had when you used to make your own comics? "Cy-Boar" will remind you.
Cy-Boar begins life as an ordinary razorback, until he runs afoul of a farmer, and winds up in a government lab that turns animals into anthropomorphic living weapons! Can he escape his fate?
The best part of this comic is the enthusiasm that transmits through the pages. Creator Lou Graziani tells you how it came to be on the inside front cover. As you would expect from early amateur work, the art is not polished. Still, it's better than you might guess. Anatomy and various details are still developing, but panel-to-panel storytelling is on point. I was never confused about any of the action, which is not always the case with technically advanced pro comics. Graziani either studied how to layout a page, or maybe absorbed it from reading lots of comics. "Cy-Boar" was partly inspired by TMNT, and it shows. There are plenty of gnarly man/beast hybrids that stand between Cy-Boar and freedom. That stuff is just cool as hell, IMO.
The story is straight action-adventure, no apologies, high-energy and high imagination. If you enjoy super-adventure stories with outsider heroes, Bronze Age comics, or sci-fi action movies, you should check this out.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Cy-Boar #1: The Escape
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