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Realms of Terrinoth
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
by A customer [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/05/2018 14:48:05

I love the Genesys System

This book is great, and a must have if you want to run Genesys in a standard fantasy world.

Where it gains points:

1) Fantasy Races. Gives you standard fantasy races and some variations for each one. Reviewing these makes it really easy to come up with your own and add them.

2) Talents and Heroic abilities. Tailor your character with more fantasy/medevial focused talents then what is offered in the core rule book. Herioc abilities are a really nice addtion to help better define what seperates your character from others.

3) Magic Items. The crux of every fantasy adventure, that sweet sweet loot. Guides for building and adding these are very well presented here.

4) Better defined Crafting and Alchemy rules.

Where it loses points:

1) Lack of opponents and monsters. This offset by how amazing the community is for creating these, but it is still disappointing to not see any sort of bestiary. Instead you get one or two creatures per region of the world and spread out across the book.

2) You have to jump between this book and the Genesys Core Rulebook a lot. I ended up making my owned combined PDF for skills and talents (that is how much I love this system). The system itself is so smooth, but hoping between books for skills and talents feels VERY clunky.

3) Although the Realms of Terrinoth is an interesting place, I would have prefered more stuff and less fluff (which is VERY strange for me). I would rather have had more equipment, more talents, more treasures, more opponents, more adventure ideas, and more current information about the world. I would have liked to see The History of Terrinoth section cut back a bit to make more room for all the other sections.

All of these are relatively minor compared to the pros of this book and the Genesys System!

Overall I give this book a solid recommendation!

(3.7 out of 5)

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Realms of Terrinoth
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