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Vampire: The Masquerade, Winter's Teeth #1 $3.99
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Vampire: The Masquerade, Winter\'s Teeth #1
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Publisher: Vault Comics
by Guido A. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/17/2020 02:33:27

If you're a longtime fan of both Vampire the Masquerade and comic books, this is a must buy. Finally you can read a high quality comic book set in the VtM universe. -The tone is good, there is no shunning of the darker elements but also no puerile indulging on them. The personal drama is there, but in a measured way which is good in my book. -There is not much meat of the story in this first issue, due the decompression techniques of modern comic books. So it's hard to give an opinion on the main plot. -The two main protagonists aren't that great or original, but they work and they're cool enough and they avoid the usual tropes and stereotypes overused for female leads. So overall it's a good point for me. -There are a few very good strong sequences that can inspire your games if that's what you're looking for. Really liked them.

Four stars instead of five because: -From this starting point it looks like the scope of the story will be rather limited. Kinda feels like a "test" to see if comic books set in the WoD can sell. What I mean is the book doesn't seem to aim too high. -As first issues goes, it doesn't make a very good job at introducing you to what the series will be about. Sure if you're watching a movie it's fine not to know what the movie is really about just by watching the first 15 minutes. But we're talking about serialized fiction here. I get it's a common flaw in the american comic book media, but the fact that it's common doesn't make it less of a flaw. -There is some humor that feels forced. And it's there because all the modern fiction seems in need to put humor at any cost. Maybe it's just that I'm not american and so the more humorous aspect of the joke was lost on me, or maybe it was really forced. Anyway this need to make humorous commentary in any kind of fiction is becoming tiresome.

Overall my issues with this first issue are the same issues I have with the media as a whole. Seriously if you like comic books and Vampire, just buy it because it's worth a read.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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