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Images Into Words: The Savage Age Comic $5.00
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Images Into Words: The Savage Age Comic
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Publisher: White Wolf
by Aowyn B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 05/03/2024 18:02:39

Images Into Words is an divergence from the usual content that WeaponizedInk creates, but still has the same amount of quality, care, and professionalism one would expect from a WI product. Unlike other WI Books, Images Into Words is a short comic book focusing more on the storytelling and atmosphere of the Savage Age, made in a similar style under a different artist that the Savage Age normally uses.

While not what one would typically be seeking within the Storyteller's Vault, the final product is excellent. The art is beautiful, the storytelling is done succinctly and emotionally, and the price is well worth the pages. The collected stories are beautifully illustrated, and the art and stories themselves are well worth the 5 USD price tag. An experimental divergence from the normal catalogue WI provides, but it does not deviate from the typical expected quality and excellence that they are known for. This is an easy recommend.

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