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BASH! Ultimate Edition
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Publisher: Basic Action Games
by Tony [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/01/2024 13:06:00

I've been adventuring with the BASH! Ultimate Edition (BASH UE) since 2016, and it's become my go-to cape-wearing, dice-rolling delight.

BASH UE strikes that sweet spot between comprehensive and rules-light. It's like slipping into your favorite superhero costume—comfortable and ready for action. Whether you're a brooding vigilante or a cosmic sorcerer, character creation is smooth.

The real magic? BASH UE isn't just about American-style capes. It's a great passport to any comic-influenced setting. Naruto's chakra? Check. Gotham's rooftops à la Batman? Double-check. I've run campaigns in both worlds, and BASH UE adapted gracefully.

DON'T HESITATE ON THIS ONE, a must have for any comprehensive GM.

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