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Drop Dead Dangerous #0
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Publisher: Happy Lockjaw
by Brian L. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 01/05/2011 07:50:27

“Drop Dead Dangerous” #0 is exactly what a zero issue should be. The book sets up the main characters and the world they inhabit, and lays the foundation for where the series will be going in the future.

“DDD” takes place in a version of the Wild West, where a serial killer called “The Raven” has been killing young women and scrawling quotes from Poe in their blood next to the bodies. As the story opens, The Raven is about to take his latest victim, who happens to be the wife of Jack Smith, a deputy sheriff who arrives just in time to save his wife and kill The Raven. After the traumatic incident, Jack quits his job and opens his own private investigation practice, so he can spend more time with this wife, who hasn’t been the same since her near-death experience. Jack’s first case in his new job involves a murder that fits the m.o. of The Raven, who Jack killed one year ago.

As I mentioned above, writer Chad Cabrera sets up the series very well with this zero issue. Artist Mike Banting has a manga style, and he really pulls off the “wild west meets pulp noir” feel well.

“Drop Dead Dangerous” #0 is a great read that has hooked me for the upcoming series. Definitely worth checking out.

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