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Publisher: FellDown Productions
by Joshua W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/26/2015 11:15:16

As soon as I heard about this comic and the creative team involved (and the fact that it was only 50 cents) I immediately downloaded it. Travis McIntire writes a hilarious quirky tale inspired by Tom Waits. This is a must-read for Tom Waits fans and still a must-read even if you have no clue who Tom Waits is (but then afterward you should probably go listen to some Tom Waits just so that you can become a cooler human being). I'm a big fan of Tyler and Sara Sowles from Killustration Studios, especially of their comics Durontus and Hank Steiner, so I was stoked to see them team up with Travis McIntire. Tyler's excellent art and visual storytelling skills really helped push the hilarity of this story, and Sara's colors are top-notch, as she works in a unique palette and style. All around A+, kickass stuff!

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Step Right Up
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