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The Art of Pepper&Carrot $3.50
Publisher: David Revoy
by Arlo B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/16/2020 01:00:06

Too many artists let their sketches and concept ideas lie fallow in their notebooks once the finished product is out in the world (assuming it gets to that point). This is unfortunate, as the twists, turns, and dead ends of a project can say a lot about the character thereof. So it is with The Art of Pepper&Carrot, as we see through character design what archetypes and personalities characters were curated to have or simply evolved into. So too with locations and magical creatures. All this is presented through well-picked font and graphic choices. I only wish there was yet more (and if you also feel that the details of the magical world of Hereva are fascinating, they can be perused at a community wiki).

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The Art of Pepper&Carrot
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