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Bulletproof Blues Pay What You Want
Publisher: Kalos Comics
by Michael T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/26/2019 08:32:34


I think Thomas B.'s review said it better than I could. It's well, though sparsely illustrated, well edited and well written. It's just...boring. There's nothing new here. I think that "a poor-mans' mutants & masterminds" is giving it a little too much credit, but that's about the closest it comes to. With 8 attributes and the mutants & mastermind 'power rank' structure, it's not rules "light" by any means. It's not super-crunchy either however. So "rules-medium". There's no sample adventure, nothing in the way of example NPCs, no weapons, no vehicles, no animals. The world background is trite and derivative (though intentional it would seem). It's much less complete that other superhero offerings, being basically character creation, combat and world background. It basically doesn't have anything that hasn't been done before and there's nothing particularly interesting about the way it's done. I'd say why bother, but it is affordable to check out easily if you haven't found anything else you like. But really, this seems more a set of house rules for Mutants & Masterminds than a full game.

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Creator Reply:
Thanks for leaving a review! I may not understand it, or how you have come to the conclusions you have, but you spent time writing it and you seem sincere, and that's always appreciated.
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Bulletproof Blues
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