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E.I. #1 - Earth Invasion
Publisher: Wunderman Comics
by Rooster M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/03/2018 09:51:51

I've only read the first issue, so I cannot speak to the overall series. My first impression is that the story drags in the beginning, and by far it is not an epic beginning, but it's not terrible either. There's a lot of punctuation problems in the first issue, rhythmic flow issues, and artistic crudity. The coloring is especially tacky. And if you got kids the story is definitely not for them. Lots of cursing and sexual topics throughout. Earth Invasion borrows heavily from many sci-fi sources, including Harlan Ellison's 'A Boy & His Dog' where Nate and his dog Chopper communicate with each other towards the end of the issue. The difference is Ellison did it with telepathy, Wunderman has done it with alien technology. Someone claimed in a comment a few years ago that there is overt racism in the beginning of the book. That's total garbage. The story starts in India, and there's a spaceship the people witness. They question whether it's from Pakistan, then China, and then come to the conclusion it's from outer space because even Americans could not create such a thing. I think sometimes people want to find something to complain about, so they nitpick. Like I said, it's not a perfect book by any stretch of the imagination, but it's by far not the worst thing I have ever read. I honestly look forward to reading more because it actually got interesting towards the end.

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E.I. #1 - Earth Invasion
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