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E.I. #2 - Earth Invasion
Publisher: Wunderman Comics
by SAM R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/09/2018 18:24:30

I got the first issue (for free) thank you Wunderman Comics for that some time ago. I found that the other comic books were pretty good. This being the original series they did; it will be interesting to see how this series plays out vs the others. I see it is ongoing; let's see if I can commit to more issues. First, you have to like sci-fi. Second, you have to accept bugs as the aliens from outer space. Third, could this happen to Earth? There is a good balance of writing and visuals. Each panel is busy. Busy in a good way. It is full of details that is important to the story. The font choice for Grzzt is different. The Home Guard fighters capture Grzzt. He is a tech guy with the Kazoops. Grzzt does not want to be with the Kazoops. He actually wants to help Earth. The Kazoops want him back and start attacking. The leader of the Home Guards is Nate. Nate is able to protect Grzzt and keep him out of harm's way. With an assembled team-aa new way to help win is announced.

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E.I. #2 - Earth Invasion
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