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E.I. #4 - Earth Invasion
Publisher: Wunderman Comics
by SAM R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/09/2018 18:58:43

While the Combat team is out fighting; the animals make sense. The part the team didn't know ... is they also have to live with them. This is not ideal for any of the, While the dog and ferrets are no challenge the bear and tiger is a big problem.The team have no choice and looks like alot of explanations are going to be needed.Some of Nina's back story is shared and looks like bringing a toger home is one of her many problems. Daryll looks like he has a set of challenges at his home, too. The writer Nate W. is having a blast adding in humor for both the humans and the animals.

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E.I. #4 - Earth Invasion
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