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Tales Of Honor: On Basilisk Station Volume 1 $9.99
Publisher: Top Cow
by Damien H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/01/2021 20:19:39

The writer, Matt Hawkins, has a solid record for writing strong female protagonist, but, Harrington might be the most relatable. It’s nice to see a strong female lead deal with confidence (or lack thereof) in her appearance and work. She is a believable woman with real doubts and flaws, but by her actions and narration gives the reader a strong and empowering character to bond with. Tales of Honor is a beautiful comic book. The art by Jun-Geun Yoon, San-II Jeong, and Linda Sejic add so much depth and wonder that you often forget that this is a military-sci-fi-thriller but more of a space opera fantasy. Each page is filled with extreme visual details, creative ships, and mindblowing action.

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Tales Of Honor: On Basilisk Station Volume 1
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