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Time Corps #8
Publisher: Wunderman Comics
by SAM R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/09/2018 11:32:45

One of my favorite covers. Definitely makes it very interesting and compelling. The artist Yamamoto clearly excelled in this issue. The facial expressions and body language clearly brings the action to life. The coloring by Roberts is very key to the artists work and she has done a great job. The action continues in this issue. Finding somebody at a beach in LA is not easy. The writer clearly has a fondness and/or familiarity of the LA area. If you are familiar with the LA area; you will appreciate this series a little more. Unlike the Spartan and Chumash girls' this hobo has been able to blend in easier. This mission is a high priority as the consequences will be felt in the time line for years to come. The hitman is still looking to take out Peter. You see a little turmoil everywhere behind the scenes. The team is able to complete the mission and seems with little damage and public awareness.

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Time Corps #8
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