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Divinity Trade $9.99
Publisher: Valiant Comics
by Aric C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/27/2017 09:16:16

This is the type of book that makes you a fan of not just the creative team, but the entire universe within which it exists. Divinity is packed with lush art that is both clear and evocative, setting a very clear stage for one of the more thought-provoking stories in the medium. The story introduces concepts that are both alien and familiar and then executes on them in ways that you wouldn't expect. The reactions of the world to the events feel authentic and unforced, and it serves as a spectacular introduction the the current Valiant universe. If you follow no other books from Valiant, you won't be lost - although fully part of that world, it also stands alone in a way that complements the universe within which it resides.

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Divinity Trade
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