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The Four Points Volume 1 $7.99 $5.51
Publisher: Aspen Comics
by Scott V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/02/2017 14:22:09

The idea of the trade is solid. The four points or elements face off against the four horsemand of the apolocolpyse. The art is good and vibrant and the inks are well done. The issue is with the story execution. It has potential. Perhaps if it was an ongoing series we could see some more development for the main characters. The Four Horseman don't come off much better. They are introduced and delt with in the span of a few pages and the battle at the end feels rushed. Overall, if there is more to this series like say an on-going title I would give it a try to at least see some growth. The trade though is only okay.

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The Four Points Volume 1
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