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Tales of the ShadowWood $3.50
Publisher: OzFoxes
by Perry C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/30/2017 14:51:54

I've been a fan of the OzFoxes for years and I hope this comic is just the first of many that they'll be producing. It's definitely got the flavor (and the art style) of Disney's ROBIN HOOD. The art is beautiful, the characters are easy to like and the story is a good clean fantasy that's suitable for all ages. The plot is also similar to the Disney movie that appears to have inspired the comic; in both cases a villain usurps the throne of a medieval kingdom, and it's up to some green-shirted, arrow-shooting foxes to stop him. One difference is that, in this case, the villain isn't a whining mama's boy like Prince John; the ShadowWood villain is far more sinister. And there's no comic-relief sidekick, a la Sir Hiss, nor a damsel in distress, a la Maid Marian. This tale is a bit more serious in tone than the ROBIN HOOD movie. But it's still a fun read and I highly recommend it.

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Tales of the ShadowWood
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