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Publisher: Zindagi Comix
by Jim G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/25/2019 19:21:50

I can't recommend this comic enough! There's tons of digital comics out there and it seems like new ones pop up everyday. With that said, many aspiring indie creators and their work get to reach the surface and show themselves for just a little bit until the bigger wave follows. Jack Kirby once said "Comics will break your heart." As a creator myself, I can agree with that statement. Comics are tough and I'm not just talking about financial gain. I'm talking about getting readers.

ZINDAGI is a comic book that needs to be taken seriously. And enjoyed. Most comics today are digitally colored, usually done by a team, and do what they can to visually compete with a host of superhero titles. Ken, from what I see, draws ZINDAGI as a labor of love and you can tell with each page, he isn't trying to crank out content or filler. He deeply cares about telling this story. This comic is special, a hidden gem, and you will see more than action and heroics. Theres a merging of philosophy, theology, and technology. It made me think of Philip K Dick novels in that sense. In these first two issues, I have wondered if there is a layer of mystery and meaning I'm missing out on.

Artistically, Ken throws in some awesome visuals. The images of space and terrain are grand. The gray tones upon layers of rock reminded me of Tezuka at his best. The book's lack of color and its character design give it the feel of old school indie comics (works for me!). Reading, you really get the sense that his characters are part of a big universe. Perhaps this is my opinion, but I feel that the cosmos itself is just as much of a character in this story as the entities (deities?) and cadets. And Ken has managed to accomplish this in two issues!

Give this comic a try and see what unravels! You wont regret it! Its originality makes it an experience.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Okay, now I'm blushing. Thanks for the review Jim! I'm glad you like it!
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Zindagi #2
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