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Hero 9 to 5 #9: Disposable Heroes $1.99
Publisher: AAM Markosia
by Katherine P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/13/2019 15:05:23

While it will no doubt be most fully enjoyed by those who've read everything that came before, as the echoes of the Quietus arc are felt, this first issue of Disposable Heroes arc of Hero 9 to 5 is a feasible jumping-on point to new readers: and instantly recognizable to anyone who has ever gone near a certain type of convention. Or certain types of online forums, for that matter. But the recognizability goes beyond the tee-hee of familiarity with a trope of superhero comics or of fandom. Hero 9 to 5 continues to satirize the world beyond the genre, and there is something recognizable in its own way about innocent bystanders being gorily attacked, perhaps fatally, right in front of the world's greatest heroes, in the time it takes to ascertain who will be paid to save the day. The issue includes distinctive character-driven artwork, a consistent color aesthetic, and seamless lettering.

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Hero 9 to 5 #9: Disposable Heroes
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