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Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Curse o. S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/25/2020 12:29:01

Legendlore Manuscript Preview from Onyx Path Publishing (@TheOnyxPath) & Steffie De Vaan (@100thingsilove)

First of all this is "not a complete PDF, this a preview of the draft text from the upcoming Legendlore RPG!" This is a draft of book to be created through Legendlore Kickstarter

It's also worthy to note: "Legendlore was originally a comic called The Realm, first published by Arrow Comics in 1986 and since procured by Caliber Comics, about four people who fall through a Crossing into the Realm. The Realm is home to fantasy creatures from elves to dragons, and the characters discover they too have ‘fantasy powers’ – the jock becomes a Fighter, while the bookish one becomes a Wizard, and so on. They go on adventures and some of them eventually find their way back to Earth"

The Legendlore book itself will be something far more modern with anyone having the opportunity to be any version of who they really are or would want to be.

You, Yourself Legendlore sees you Cross from Earth into the Realm to become a changed version of yourself. A songwriter might find themself a bard, a scientist a wizard, or an activist a fighter. You may find your body changing to better match your true self, even adopting a new fantasy appearance if you so choose. Your identity and memories remain wholly your own though, and you’ll find no gods or predetermined alignments forcing your actions. Crossing also imbues you with a Legend, which each player designs for themself, that propels you to greatness and a full embrace of your chosen destiny. A Diverse World The Legendlore Roleplaying Game presents a diverse and inclusive world based on the Legendlore comics. You’ll find people, including all non-humans, of all colors, genders, and sexualities in East Azoth. You are always welcome in the Realm.

• 18 backgrounds to play as yourself in Legendlore, such as activist or scientist • Legend mechanics to represent your destiny, plus 5 sample Legends • Seven player races, including pixies and orcs • Two new classes, the alchemist and gunslinger, and 15 sub-classes • A starting adventure with five pregenerated characters

Chapter 1: Welcome to East Azoth

Detailed history of East Azoth, reciting the many wars and relations between the different folk. After generations of ongoing wars the land finally sees peace, only for Lord Darkoth to rise in an attempt to claim the land. Will your heroes vanquish this deadly foe?

Chapter 2: Crossing

"The Realm touches many other planes, including Earth, and where it does, Crossings might appear. These are pathways, naturally occurring or coaxed through magic, where people may move between Earth and the Realm. Not every Crossing goes two ways, and people from Earth might find themselves inadvertently Crossed into the Realm and then stuck there until they painstakingly find a Crossing back home."

Such an awesome and (graphic) novel idea!

The concept of Crossings and Realms is incredibly rich for storytelling as elements from any setting, folklore, mythology or real world can be brought in within and in addition to the provided setting and adventure. This means we'll all have the perfect reason to hop about and bring in this we love and finally get to play with the settings and adventures we weren't sure we could fit in, as well as new ones that pique our interests.

The broad range of possible Crossings, from portals to relics, items of sentimental value and portkeys, and the myriad conditions around their use are an incredibly rich source of inspiration for adventures and campaigns with all manner of things to be found or done with one of more Realm/s or to finally be able to make possible to enter one. Possibly needing to collect a set of ancient Ioun Stones scattered to various Realms in order to rescue a prince or face a sorcerer obsessed with ressurecting a lost love who has created an army of dangerous undead in their experimenting.

Players pass into the Realm with everything they had on them when they entered the Crossing with a mechanic to see if the unlikely event of technology surviving the trip. This is such a cool concept!

The Many Possibilities of You

"Crossing brings out the You in you. That is to say, the fantasy version of you (or rather, the parts of yourself you wish to share at the table) as a Legendlore character."

Something I truly love about TTRPGs is the way it allows us to discover new things about ourselves and explore new identities to find our own. I know it definitely helped me be more open and to understand my sexuality and gender better. Every character I've played is a reflection or aspect of myself, and I truly love that this aspect is so baked into Legendlore as the character you play is yourself! But in a new chosen or true reflection of yourself. Not only does this, allow us to play with and explore identities more, but I think this will genuinely help some, especially new players who struggle with being in character.

"Crossing also effects physical changes in your character to match You best. A girl assigned male at birth might find her body changed or remaining the same, depending on the player’s view of herself. If a player has glasses, and their sense of self includes said glasses, the character retains them after Crossing — if not, they now have 20/20 vision. The same goes for hearing aids and other devices. Crossing ensures that contacts, wheelchairs, joint braces, pacemakers, and any other medical aids that might require power sources or precise and tiny electronics now run on a mysterious ancient magic so long as their bearer remains in the Realm. If someone has a chronic illness but wishes to live a life without such constant pain, their self after the Crossing simply does not have it. However, it is also possible for that same person to want to keep their chronic illness, feeling that their life has been shaped and formed alongside and inseparable from their condition. It is likewise possible for a person who experiences nonverbal episodes, such as via autism spectrum or trauma, to be verbal if they wish it, just as it is entirely possible for these people to be nonverbal in the Realm as well. Every Crossing accepts all without judgment, and changes each to their most inner self."

I couldn't shorten this quote because I have never read any rules/ world explanation thay has brought me such joy and emotion. I had to stop myself quoting the whole next section, "One you, many stories", which takes this concept of being the true and/ or whatever version of yourself you feel comfortable sharing at the table even further, introducing "You" and "Other You". This truly takes this concept even further, essentially stating you could always play any version of you both from your imagination or at any point in your life. This understanding of sensitivity to true self with full inclusivity is truly beautiful, and so very important.

I have so much more to say about how awesome this is and how you should go support the Kickstarter, but sadly my mental and physical conditions are severely limiting my ability to read, write and think. Suffice to say, I bloody love this and backed it instantly!

Legendlore RPG Setting for 5th Edition Fantasy Roleplaying, via @Kickstarter

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Legendlore Manuscript Preview
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