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The Art of Conan Sourcebook $14.99 $11.24
Publisher: Modiphius
by Ben S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/30/2020 05:58:56

I'm a huge art book fan, having numerous books on my shelves from various Kickstarters and fantasy artists and as art books go this is definitely a high quality work. Though there's no art included that hasn't already been depicted in the previous Conan sourcebooks from Modiphius, most people won't have all their books so it's nice to have access to all the beautiful images for both use in evoking tone in gameplay and also just to enjoy. I do wish that there was an index of all the artists for the individual images rather than just listing all the artists en masse except for the cover artists. But maybe that's just the art fan in me that likes to track down works from artists I enjoy. After seeing how lovely the art is displayed in this book I'm certainly going to try to track it down in hard copy to own as well.

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The Art of Conan Sourcebook
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