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Iron Empires: Faith Conquers $17.95 $9.99
Publisher: Burning Wheel
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/30/2018 17:41:34

I love the art (well drawn and reminds of me a more sober Metabarons version), the details, the world that seems familiar yet alien. The story itself in Faith Conquers is more of an introduction of the threat and of the world of Iron Empires and I think it manages to find the right balance between throwing the reader into the world and explaining it to him. What struck me sometimes as a little off was that while the world sounds detailed and realistic, the main hero is the all mastering super figure that is good at combat, good at stealth missions, hard to surprise etc.

I have mixed feelings about the world of Iron Empires. It reminds me too much of Warhammer 40 000, but it lacks the usual Warhammer pathos and is a lot more relatable as it is not such a weird future. The world is really well thought through and seems consistent, has a relentless threat of the Worm and presents great military sci-fi (as opposed to the often action-heroic madness filled W40K stories). However, Iron Empires is worth exploring, in this comics or in others, as it presents an interesting sci-fi setting somewhere between W40K and Dune.

(Originally a Goodreads review.)

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Iron Empires: Faith Conquers
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