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Impaler Volume 1 Trade $7.99 $5.51
Publisher: Top Cow
by Temo T. d. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/10/2014 22:48:12

This could easily have been some kind of mere schlock horror over the top garbage with flashy super powers and one liners with the name Vlad Tepes II thrown on just to sell a comic, with run of the mill 'big two' monthly superhero style artwork.

Fortunately it is not. The art really supports the story with it's eye for light and the absence of such, not just for light itself, but the nod to the human condition. Can evil be fought with evil? This seems to be the crux for the series, and yet Impaler is really the story of a detective a few days from retirement when all Hell breaks loose... How he is trying to come to terms with a personal loss that has left him empty, how creatures of darkness thought to be mere cautionary tales to keep children in line turn out to be both very real and super deadly... taking the world over like the modern day zombie apocalypse at a much faster almost irresistible pace.

As for the character for whom the title comes, he is ruthless, merciless, and perhaps more horrible than that which he seeks to destroy... Does he count as an Anti-Hero? Or is he just a villain who happens to have the best interests of the whole of humanity over that of the few? Can his means to an end really be justified? Should they be?

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Impaler Volume 1 Trade
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