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Megabook M3 Pay What You Want
Publisher: CE Publishing Group
by Keith M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/06/2014 03:26:50

Co-op - Art's not good (appears to be pictures messed about with in Photoshop), the story has a number of spelling and grammar errors.

Astral Crusaders - Okay art, interesting story.

Monkey Boy - Nice cartoony art & story.

Drugbust - Not so good art, an interesting idea, but an underwhelming story.

Gatekeeper - Nice art and characters, although the mystery of what's going on is left for the next chapter.

Transient - Rough art and "story". Not enough plot.

The Accidental Hero - Amusing text story.

Diver Down - Nice art, story is okay.

Decay - The number of typos were distracting and the character sketch wasn't all that interesting.

Wargod - Okay art, not much of a story, it feels like a teaser, but we're not given much reason to care.

Spirit Legends - Cartoony, manga-esque art that works for the cartoony manga-esque story.

Nestor - Relatively good art, the story probably could have been helped with a little more background and character, as it is it's pretty straight forward (hero confronts villain, hero defeats villain) that one wonders what the point was.

Last Call - Okay art, but practically no story at all.

Pantheon - Art could be better, the story became interesting once the gods came into it.

M.R.P. - Art is okay, the story has its moments, although the trapped in a video game aspect works against it for me.

Dhampyr - Okay art, okay story.

Thrillscarlet - Nice illustrated text story, but the number of typos was annoying.

Kathleen - Pages 2 & 3 are in the wrong order. Art's okay, but the story is just an introduction.

Grimm Legacy #1 - Cute story.

Grimm Legacy #2 - Cute, but just part one of the story.

Monuments Men - Okay intro.

Catfight Dream Into Action Intro - Shame the artist doesn't know how to draw sixth graders, since the two main characters are that age for most of this intro.

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Megabook M3
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