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Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
by keith b. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/01/2015 00:51:07

Unfortunately open ended for Valiant means you only get half a game which justifies the 3 star rating I gave. The game system is fine, good to even great at times. rolling a d12 game dice along with stat die of 1d4 to 1d12 is a good thing. Using a power to add the power die, replace the stat die or to discard the lower of the power die or stat die is even better. no complaints here about that.

Changing Narrators(GMs) is ok too as most people like playing and narrating, maybe not equally but you know what I mean. It can also take the story in unique and unexpected directions like alien invasions out of no where and all of a sudden your grandmother is standing on the sidewalk where the battle is headed. It can be quite fun and humorous and personal grudges against other group members can be settled using the game system.

my main problem is the effect once you have succeeded in affecting an opponent. some sample characters attacking with the same dice numbers do damage of 2, 3, 4, 1d4, or 1d6 with really no explanation other than if it feels right do whatever damage you want. this applies to fists, guns, swords, fire, or any other form of attack.

As it stands you get a huge amount of armour allowing you to take many hits before having to worry about negative modifiers or lasting effects. Of course some characters possess an Armor power that can reduce damage by 1 but another character has it reducing damage by 3 with no explanation and yet having the same power die.

The samples are great but when creating a custom hero the open endedness falls apart hoping that your game group will keep your powers and the effects to a reasonable level. if your group also wants high damage for their characters they can't stop you from doing the same which means the enemies will have to be even greater in power or you will easily run over most opposition.

Open ended powers are a great thing allowing you to define the power as you play and use it in many different ways however there is nothing stopping a player from loading up on one power and assigning a keep the stat and power dice at the same time. and then using this power over and over for attack and defence. by adding the game die of d12 and a stat die of d12 and a power die of d12 on each roll you can have a max score of 36 to beat out your opponent. as few NPCs come close to this you will be able to hit and avoid the enemy with ease and that is not even using any Event points to modify rolls or scenes.

Tags, Cues, Action Cues, and Disposition descriptors while being optional is way to many. this is a minor issue for me as I would have 3-4 cues whether they be action or otherwise to define my character. A good Narrator(GM) can call in at least 1 of everyone's cues every game session without even trying. As it stands most characters will be cued for anything that happens in the game.

Like I said before half the game is on par with excellent. the amount of sample characters, NPCs, can have a new group running in 2 minutes if the LN(GM) knows the system and doesn't switch roles. Creating characters can be done in less than 5 minutes once you know the system as well. Leaving the cues empty or filling them in as you play(my personal method).

I have mixed feelings about Valiant but if the effects and some power defining was polished up I would not hesitate to raise my rating and purchase a version 2 but as it stands I have quite a few house rules to keep battles fair and NPCs on par with the Players.

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Valiant Universe: The Roleplaying Game
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