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Bug Hunts: Surviving and Combating the Alien Menace $17.95 $13.95
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
by Customer Name Withheld [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/20/2016 03:15:57

If you've ever read the Colonial Marine Technical Manual you'll have a pretty good idea what to expect from this book. Although Bug Hunts: Surviving and Combating the Alien Menace clearly has a more general focus. Its 81 pages the first 45 of which are devoted to indepth studies of three bug species, a xeno-parasite, an arachnid type and a crab-like species, followed by a briefer look at six other species. The next 4 pages provide a timeline of the more infamous infestations. The last 30 pages are devoted to an in depth look at the forces and organisations whose task it is to deal with bug infestations, their organisation, equipment and some of the more well known personnel.

The book provides setting or backrground material only, there are no rules of any sort in this book. As a resource it is very useful and adaptable to pretty much any rules system you could think of. I'm a wargamer and roleplayer with a distinct preference for Sci-fi and I love it. The aliens are similar to, but clearly different from, some of the big franchise aliens out there. This means that the book material can be used with little modification to represent those franchises in your games. The same can be said of the forces deployed against them.

My preference is for sci-fi wargames and roleplaying games. Bug Hunts: Surviving and Combating the Alien Menace has become a valuable resource in my gaming. I'd recommend it to anyone interested in playing bug hunt scenarios in RPGs or Wargames.

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Bug Hunts: Surviving and Combating the Alien Menace
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