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Publisher: CaveArtifex
by Jonas R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/15/2018 05:43:07

The Magic Fire is a full color comic of 20 pages by Claudia Cangini. I knew her illustrations from several roleplaying games. This is the first comic I read by her. It tells a fairy tale of a magic fire that needs no new wood to keep burning, warming the house. It is kept in place by a fire screen, and the mother warns her daughter never to remove it. Cangini uses few words in plain language (fitting for the fairy tale style) to go with her panels. Her art uses bold inks and lively colors, with a love for round and flowing shapes and little intricacies, e.g. patterns in the clouds, or the wooden walls of the house, which add life to the pictures without getting in the way. Page composition and paneling are well crafted, as are the color schemes for the various parts of the story, which are contrasting well without breaking the overall cohesion of the comic. Credit also goes to Paolo Bosi for layout, lettering, and color assistance.

I enjoyed the story, and I think this is also a comic you may read together with children.

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The Magic Fire
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