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Publisher: Burning Wheel
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/30/2018 17:44:33

The review is more about the story than the edition itself because my copy from DrivethroughRPG was of bad quality and the images were not entirely sharp.

In general, I love how each volume of Iron Empires shows a different perspective on the world. Yes, we move in all three cases in the higher echelons of the society. However, Void brings into the image the Hammer and its space battles. While the previous two volumes spoke about the war on foot, the faith, the Worm, Void introduces space battles on the verge of the organized empires, it shows again the interesting baroque aristocracy and its spartan war machines and it also shows exactly how the Worm threat is viewed by worlds that are not directly affected by it - basically not at all, which makes it even more threatening.

I felt the pace of the book and the lots of internal monologues a little too slowing down. However, it is still a great addition to the puzzle of the Iron Empires world and if you liked the previous two or like the setting, it is certainly worth reading.

(My Goodreads review)

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Iron Empires: Void
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