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HERO System Basic Rulebook
Publisher: Hero Games
by James C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/16/2010 20:32:24

The HERO System Basic Rulebook is a cut-down version of the HERO System Sixth Edition rules. For those who have never experienced the HERO System before, it offers a taste of the full rules in a nice easy to digest package. The text lists the things that were omitted from each section, but without context the neophyte HERO gamer is just not going to know what he is missing. Still, the essential HERO mechanic is in play and the book does an excellent job of explaining how the rules work. For the price, you get a nice universal gaming system.

But you will soon want more. Much more. For those that really want to sink their proverbial teeth into the system, the HERO System Basic Rulebook is just not going to cut it. This includes longtime fans such as myself. Too much is missing or just barely touched upon. The feeling that their could have been more comes up time and again while reading through the text. For those familiar with past editions of HERO, you can see where a little touch here or a different power included there would have made this a truly remarkable product. I suppose that one of the Basic Rulebook's purposes was to entice the entry-level HERO to buy the main ruleboosk (Character Creation and Combat & Adventuring). I already want to purchase those, so you will have to get the opinion on whether that is a successful tactic from a true HERO neophyte.

Still, for the price, this is a worthy product that will afford many hours of role-playing fun. I recommend it to anybody wanting to test out the HERO System.

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HERO System Basic Rulebook
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