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Trigger Men #1: Killing the Elderly
Publisher: Triptych Books
by Eddie B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/06/2011 16:51:55

This book is the first book, of the debut title of an Indie label. If for no reason other than suppourting the little guy, i'd recomend buying it! It's an indie, the art is well done, and the characters draw you in.

The dialogue between the protaganists is wordy at first but that is where any complaints END! The art is well done B&W, the characters grow on you and the action feels real. The biggest pitfalls you might expect from an intro comic are NOT present here, the characters fit into the environments, the page layout is bold and interesting in contrast to some "storyboard-like" titles. The characters behave and interact in a consistent and intertaining way. The scenes are set with brilliantly executed art that displays the artists knack for perspective, and environmental layout. The characters are almost upstaged by the background art, however the pannels work in such a way that you get mostly character, or mostly baground for a nice ballance. Note in this issue that the home shot from birds eye view is perfectly timed, in perspective, and sets the entire scene for the forthcoming action, THAT, is how comics should be approached, like cinema.

Improvements are made within this issue alone, so please, consider downloading this, help make this comic a success and we will hopefully see more and more great titles fill the shelves our local comic shops.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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Trigger Men #1: Killing the Elderly
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