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Publisher: TidalWave Productions
by Flames R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 04/29/2012 11:00:33

Story: This well-drawn and well-written comic tells a condensed version of the life and rise to fame of one of the world’s best writers. Like other comics by the same company, they worked with the author to tell this story. It includes his life with his mother and brother, after his father left them. The situations that sparked his interest in the macabre. His life at college and his love for his family. His battle with drugs and depression and, of course, the terrible accident that almost cost him his life.

Shockers: While many fans of Stephen king are familiar with the details of important moments in his life, it is something of a shock to the system to see his accident in such visual detail. The artist did a great job bringing the pain and the gruesome reality of the situation to the forefront. I believe it would be difficult for anyone reading the comic to not imagine – even almost feel – what it must have been like for him in that unfamiliar situation on such a familiar stretch of road.

Favorite parts: Again, even though the details have been told before, it was very emotional to read about and see his bond with his family, particularly his mother. The encouragement she gave, the way she put everything on the line for her kids, how much young Stephen King wanted to make her happy by writing as much as he could. That sort of connection is priceless.

Recommend: Absolutely! I would recommend this as a collector’s item as well as a gift to any Stephen King fan or any reader unfamiliar with or on the fence about his work. It’s an especially good gift for any child writer told he or she writes too much, or any that have been told to “stop reading[(or writing] that crap,” in reference to genre fiction.

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Orbit: Stephen King
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