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Hero System 5th Edition, Revised $20.00
Publisher: Hero Games
by David L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/10/2007 05:57:26

HERO/Champions is my all time favorite system for roleplaying in the superhero genre. I love the fact that you can completely customize your character according to a point system, and it is pretty easy for the GM to keep individuals from getting out of control simply by enforcing the active point limits for powers and keeping a close eye on endurance cost.

I think that the system is best for supers, and I rarely use it for other genres, especially fantasy. That is, unless, you want a really high fantasy with powerful characters. The system also works great for kung fu games, since a lot of those get over the top. (I'm thinking "Kung Fu Hustle" type moves)

The fifth edition was well worth the price, and I plan on picking up the "ultimate" series soon, once I get through re-reading the basic rules.

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Hero System 5th Edition, Revised
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