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Digital Visions #1 $0.00
Publisher: Visionary Comics
by Colin T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/20/2012 18:33:16

I don't think the quality level here is that high, but it's also not quite aimed at my tastes so you could add a star to my rating to account for that.

"Aposperus" slowly introduces its main character but doesn't give much story. The art has some interesting effects and is probably the best part of the whole book (though it has a few unfortunate moments with an awkward fumetti look).

The wordless "In the Demon's Path" gives us a rescue/fight scene with a "twist" ending; it didn't engage me in any way.

I basically agree with Matt B. about "31 Flavors".

I skipped the wrestling story because I'd already downloaded a preview for that separately -- haven't read it yet.

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Digital Visions #1
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