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Drop Dead Dangerous #0 $0.00
Publisher: Happy Lockjaw
by jeffrey v. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/30/2012 20:28:46

the tag-line: "hardcore, hardboiled horror set in the weird, weird west" is what drew me to the title. i love my horror and i love my westerns. i especially love when the genres are fused.

unfortunately, there was nothing even remotely western in this zero issue--clothing, furnature, backgrounds, a horse. perhaps west refers to the direction and not the period as i had hoped.

having said that, the art was good and what was presented was clear, but there wasn't enough meat to the story to tell if future issues would be what i am looking for. not totally unexpected for an introductory piece. i realize the publisher has to save something for the series.

based on the zero issue this probably isn't for me.

my review is based on what i saw, not what i didn't see.

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Drop Dead Dangerous #0
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