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Exalted Comic Volume 1
Publisher: UDON
by Christopher T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/12/2013 16:53:14

This was an early Exalted 2nd edition release and while the comics are good, the stuff in the back of the book is what I used most while playing the game early on (antagonists). My only concern story-wise is that Solars are extremely powerful and a group of 5 of them-- well they could have completely taken over the city they were in in just a couple weeks time! Some of the story arcs have no completion in the comic, however, these character show up in the Splat books and other Exalted material so reading this gives more significance to the one-page comics in the books. This is definitely the B-Team compared to the Dace/Harmonious Jade/Swan group and for that, it's actually more interesting.

Obviously Kidale wasn't running the 2/7 filter defense...

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Exalted Comic Volume 1
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