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Zenith Comics Presents: Supervillains (ICONS) $1.99 $0.99
Publisher: HAZARD Studio
by andrew b. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/13/2013 12:49:54

This was a very solid product for the ICONS Superhero RPG. I know, I've been collecting them like mad recently, but this was a rare find which I felt I had to comment on. I could not have been more pleased with the product, especially for the price. The e-file consists of a description and history, a good illustration or two, as well as the needed ICONS statistic block for ten very interesting and varried characters. (Oh, eleven. I forgot they included a certain DC Bug ripoff.) They even include standees and proportional character squares as well as square markers for shadows and ice especially for two of their characters. These characters were easily the equal of most of the ICONS own published characters with the one exception that the illustrations were not quite as slick, though they were still very Silver Age in their vibrant color scheme. The illustrations provided were very fine for the product, though. This wasn't a bad detraction for me just a notable difference between the lines.

Spoilers ahead. I'm going to hint upon a few of the characters I thought were interesting. They have an adorably huge gargoyle... you can see a Frankenstien episode welling up in his eyes. They have a creepy charater similar to Cloak from Cloak and Dagger. They include the best stats I have yet seen for an ICONS werewolf. Oh and my favorite. They have this hulking badguy with mechanics where he gets a 'high' and physically heals by inflicting damage on people. Just imagine for a moment how fun such a badguy would be to play. What kind of fun things would a superpowered, tweaked off bully have to say while hes tossing around heroes with a Strength of 9? "Fore." I hate his illustration, ugly tights, so I'd have to give him a different description but keep the bloody skull symbol on his chest... probably painted on by his own hand Joker style. See now why you have to have this product for the mere price of a dollar.

I looked over the Hazard Studio line, it seems they are supporting several superheroe rpg systems, including their own called SUPERS! as well as V&V and BASH! I hope they release more ICONS material. I would buy anything else they published along these same lines and price range. Keep up the wonderful work, Zenith Comics and Hazard Studio.

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Zenith Comics Presents: Supervillains (ICONS)
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