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Megabook M1 Pay What You Want
Publisher: CE Publishing Group
by Keith M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/26/2013 05:48:25

Heads In Tales - Art's a little rough, but the stories okay, but pages 4 & 5 are in the wrong order.

Catching Up - Cute art & story, but completely ignores a certain legal issue that would be a big deal in the real world.

Another Day At the Office - Okay art, but the story (what there is of it) really doesn't make me interested in finding out what happens next.

Born Dead - Three page science fiction text story. Not bad.

Argyrosis - Art was a bit odd, but it did the job. Story was okay.

Solomon Wyrd - Art and story are okay. Pages 2 & 3 are out of order, Seems like it could be a good series.

Ambrosia - Interesting start to a longer story.

War Party in Triple Crossed! - Art's good and if you like stories were the main character is an obnoxious hit man you might like. Not my cup of tea though.

Death Mark - Art's pretty good, but that's all there is.

The Internauts in Inferno - Uhhhhhh... is this supposed to be a parody?

Tyresias XV - Nice art, cute joke.

Bombsight - Nice art, okay story.

Scarlet Justice - Amusing, nice art.

Driver's Seat - Interesting idea, but too short to really do a lot with the idea.

Fuerza 7 - The art is too stark and makes figuring out who is who difficult.

The Grandfather Paradox - Overly simplistic with elements that have been done to death in these kinds of stories.

Rats - The big problem with this story is that there is no logical reason why the immediate problem prevented the bigger problem from happening.

The Smuggler's Lament - Cute story, nice art.

Vigilante And Me - Funny story, nice art.

The Unnamed Planet - Not a bad story, nice art.

London Shadow - Interesting character study. Suitably creepy art.

The Leaf in The Hoax - Nice introduction to the character.

Swords Of The Dead - Poor introduction to the series, doesn't even show the swords of the title. art's okay.

The Hooded Cobra - Nice introduction, okay art.

William The Soulless - Good story, good art.

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