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Publisher: Mini-Komix
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 10/17/2013 05:12:58

Interesting and readable approach, comic-book characters with appropriate tales told in text form rather than in graphics, comic-style.

Linked by the common theme of female protagonists, there are ten short stories. Each has a brief note about the origins of the main character and a comic-style illustration to set the scene. The stories, whilst original pieces of work, have kept the flavour and style of the comic-book stories in which the characters once appeared.

One story - Jill Trent - Science Sleuth: Monkey See, Monkey Kill - is a particular delight as it weaves in those glorious advertisements that pepper the back pages of a comic book. You know the ones, x-ray specs, sea monkey colonies, itching powder and the like. This tale weaves them straight into the adventure and it all makes a wierd kind of sense - great fun as well as a neat twist.

A delightful read for any comic fan who doesn't mind moving out of the comic strip into text stories.

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Daring Dames Diaries
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